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Kalliope Undergraduate Literary Magazine
To obtain a current or back copy of the magazine, or for questions about getting involved with Kalliope, please contact Alison C. Jaenicke.


A first rate university merits a first rate humor magazine, and so we bid you welcome to Phroth. This new magazine marks the beginning of efforts to re-establish public humor at Penn State. Penn State boasted a long, honored tradition of written spoof and satire dating back to 1909, unbroken, save for the WWII years, until 1962. Those were the hey days of Froth , a publication as respected in its time as its contemporaries. The social upheavals of the sixties and early seventies were reflected in the periodic, short-lived revivals of satirical publications here at University Park. In the past twenty years, very few attempts have lasted past the original bursts of enthusiasm. This time will be different. A group of students, together with a faculty advisor, has been working since January of 2000 to launch a campus humor magazine. We hope that the revenue eventually raised by ads, subscriptions and donations will help Phroth become a regular outlet for the high spirits, social commentary, good laughs and genial silliness that are the hallmarks of the college years.

Students wishing to work on Phroth should consult the Phroth website at: