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English Minor

Professionals in business, science, social service, government, and education need to understand and communicate with people just as they need to understand the technical workings of the marketplace.

  • Literature offers insights into human behavior and aspirations, and provides useful perspectives on our cultural values.
  • Writing requires logical thinking about a body of evidence in order to formulate a point of view and to find the most precise and appealing ways in which to present it.
  • The study of both writing and literature develops analytic skills essential for managerial positions in any field.


Requirements for the Minor: (18 credits)


    • Select 6 credits from ENGL 200-299 (Sem: 3-8)
    • Select 6 credits from ENGL 400-499 (Sem: 3-8)
    • Select 6 additional credits in English (Sem: 3-8)


Students may select any combination of literature and/or writing courses that meets their needs. All courses for the minor must be completed with at least a grade of C or better. Students may not count courses used to satisfy General Education Writing/Speaking.

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