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Lehman and Mihelcic Poetry Awards

This poetry contest consists of awards in the following two categories.

Katey Lehman Creative Writing Award in Poetry

The Katey Lehman Creative Writing Awards are given annually in poetry, fiction, and journalism by the College of the Liberal Arts.  Katey Lehman, along with her husband, Ross, was a columnist for the Centre Daily Times for twenty‐six years. While at Penn State, class of 1942, she was an Honors student in English and Journalism and a reporter for the Daily Collegian. The Katey Lehman Creative Writing Awards are made possible by an endowment gift from Mrs. Lehman's sister, Mary Jean Popp Smeal, and her brother‐in‐law, Frank P. Smeal.

Mathew Mihelcic Poetry Award

Mathew Mihelcic, who died in 1996, was an English major at Penn State who aspired to be a writer or photo journalist.  He loved poetry and worked on the first issues of "The Unkempt."


These awards are open to all full‐time Penn State undergraduates, regardless of curriculum or campus, who will be enrolled in the spring semester, 2022. The Lehman award requires students to have completed at least 28 academic credits.

Submissions are judged by a panel of writers. The judges reserve the right to make no awards in a given category. They also reserve the right to divide the prize money in whatever ways they deem appropriate to the number of quality submissions. All entries are judged anonymously.

Submission Procedure:
Complete the form below and submit it with your manuscript attached as either a Word or PDF file. Be sure to remove your name and other personal information from your file. You may submit up to 3 poems. When submitting multiple poems, please include them all in a single document.

Winners are notified via email.

Note: Prize money may affect your financial aid.

Deadline: January 24, 2022

We'll use your student id to verify your eligibility for this award.
We'll use this as a Pin number to identify your submission when we conduct our blind reviews.
Be sure to remove your name and other personal information from your file. When submitting multiple poems, please include them all in a single document. Word or PDF files only.
Winning entries may be selected for publication in the student undergraduate literary magazine, Kalliope. Do we have your permission to publish your entry if it is chosen?

By clicking the "Submit" button above, you affirm the following:

"I understand that Penn State insists on strict standards of academic honesty, and so hereby state that the attached submission(s) is the product of my sole effort.  I understand also that should I attempt to pass off someone else's work as my own, I will be subject to disciplinary action."

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